Signs and Symptoms


The very mention of swollen glands or swollen lymph nodes can offer you some hints about the signs and symptoms of the condition right away. Of course, the first thing to comes to mind considering the nature of the medical condition in the apparent swelling of the part of the body where lymph nodes are present, but that may not always be the case. In many instances, the swelling of lymph nodes is asymptomatic, or without any signs or symptoms apparent to the patient.

In such a case, only a physician is able to spot the signs and symptoms of swollen glands in a physical examination. This could in some cases be apparent as disfiguring lumps in the skin, which could be painful to the patient. Mostly, lymph nodes next to the skin are easily spotted when swollen.

There are a number of other symptoms that could accompany swollen lymph nodes. These symptoms could include weight loss, fever and night sweats. Such symptoms are indicative of some other infection or disease causing the inflammation of the lymph node. At times, signs of local infections such as toothache or sore throat also accompany swollen lymph nodes.

The physical examination of the swollen lymph nodes also involves observing the characteristics of the infected area, which can help the physician determine the cause of the inflammation. The lymph node could be checked for its size, the feel it offers on touching, such as tender, rubbery or firm, and whether it is mobile or fixed is checked. This can offer some idea to the physician about its cause and he or she can move on with the diagnosis.


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  2. I have 2 small lumps behind my ear and a further bigger bump on down my left side of my throat

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